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A Dog in a Manger

I have had many a great dog in my lifetime, but with the best will in the world, I can barely remember all their names. What I do recall however, is none of them ever slept in the house at … Continue reading

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A George III Style Mahogany Wing Chair

Wing chairs must be one of the most popular chair designs of all time. Factories have churned out (usually very poor) ‘reproductions’ of them by the thousand and judging by their proportions, an awful lot of them must have begun … Continue reading

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A Hepplewhite Sofa

I am instructed we need a new sofa – and I have to agree really. The pair of sofas we dragged here from our previous location is typical of much modern commercially made furniture; they suffer a total absence of … Continue reading

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An Ash Cricket Table

Virginia remarked of late that she would like another small side table, so I undertook to produce one. I thumbed through a few books and old auction catalogues for inspiration and we eventually settled on a cricket table. Cricket, a … Continue reading

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Fancy a Screw?

I’ve always fancied screws. That such a devilishly cunning device with no moving elements can impart immense force through simple rotation is nothing short of brilliant. Brilliance was Leonardo da Vinci’s code; he no doubt looked at Archimedes’ water screw … Continue reading

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Glue, not Adhesive

Cabinetmaker’s glue, also known variously as bone glue, hide glue, pearl glue, Scotch glue and most appropriately, animal glue, is all just collagen, rendered down from left over bits of cattle and retired thoroughbreds. My preferred nomenclature is ‘horse sauce’. … Continue reading

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Lighting for Accurate Colour Matching

Half the secret of good furniture colouring is in the choice of workshop lighting. Banks of fluorescent lamps may wash a room with an abundance of ambient light and represent an agreeable balance between light quality, lamp longevity and ultimately, … Continue reading

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An Ebonised Clock Bracket

Most people familiar with bracket clocks will probably only have ever seen them sitting on tables or mantelpieces, but not surprisingly really, bracket clocks were originally designed to be placed on wall brackets. Like the protective leather cases of carriage … Continue reading

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A Fiddleback Maple Display Cabinet

A very odd looking lighthouse-shaped fiddleback maple display cabinet came up for auction at Christies in Melbourne some years ago (although curiously, they catalogued it as walnut). One of Melbourne’s more flamboyant and well known antique jewellers was a frequent … Continue reading

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Restoration of a Mahogany Chest of Drawers

I don’t know the full circumstances behind this sorry chest of drawers other than it came in with both top drawers removed. The two drawers were so twisted they wouldn’t fit into their respective apertures in the chest – and … Continue reading

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