Making a ‘Mulberry’ Corner Cabinet – Part Three

The upper tier carcass

The weather has been abysmally hot and sticky and I don’t thrive in those conditions, so productivity has slowed down to an even more glacial pace. However, I did go out to the shed in an all-too-brief spell of cooler weather yesterday and glued the face of the upper tier together and then glued it and the sides to the upper and lower end boards.


The front facings assembled.

I began with two pine laths which I screwed to the work table (the left one is clearly visible above and you can just see the top of the right one). The two laths were notched at the appropriate heights to accept the right side back edges of the end boards. These were a tight fit and I was then able to roll the assembly over and put a screw through the back of each of the laths into the end boards. This secured the end boards at the correct spacing and provided the necessary rigidity to enable me to attach the front facings.

This is a different means of construction than the previous, lower tier and is done solely to illustrate alternative methods.

The side facings are housed to locate the end boards and increase the surface area to be glued. The side facings were glued onto the end boards followed by the entire front facing.


The front right facing.

The left rear side will receive its back boards next. Then the locating laths will be removed and the right side back boards will be nailed on.


About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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