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A William and Mary Walnut Chest of Drawers – Part One

William and Mary walnut veneered chest of drawers, circa 1695. (Christie’s) Outwardly, the shape and form of these chests remained largely constant from around 1670 to 1720. The construction consisted of a dovetailed  deal or wainscot carcase and was typically … Continue reading

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Reading Table Postscript

While researching eighteenth-century paintings to support Making a Reading Table – Part One, I came across another painting by Arthur Devis titled The Duet, painted in 1749. The painting clearly demonstrates the bare floorboards of a well appointed room, but … Continue reading

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Making a Reading Table – Part Eleven

I quickly cut the new hinges into their respective positions in the table so I could dump them in the Bucket of Wrath and proceed with the finishing process. Old red walnut (ORW) with its brown-red colour is often mistaken … Continue reading

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Making a Campaign Table – Part Three

This simple little table went together quite quickly. The gate hinges absorbed a little time, however, the top was straightforward, being attached with two face-mounted brass hinges. The entire table was oiled to clarify and deepen the chatoyance of the … Continue reading

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Making a Reading Table – Part Ten

Brasses have been a particular thorn in my side recently. I rue no longer having my small forge and foundry. I don’t make a living from restoring antiques any longer now that I’m retired and I only produce pieces of … Continue reading

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Making a Campaign Table – Part Two

The table is a very simple affair consisting of a hinged top, a front frame rail, two hinged gates and four moulded legs. The top is basically a wide board made up by rub-jointing four pieces of padauk together with … Continue reading

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Making a Campaign Table – Part One

This is a somewhat duplicitous title as not only is the subject of the post a compact folding table of a genre that accompanied many British officers on military campaigns during the latter decades of the eighteenth-century, but my wife … Continue reading

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Beech in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Centuries

Straight, cropping beech trees. Woodland beech tree. Beech (Fagus) is a large, broad-spreading native English tree that produces dense, fine textured timber with a characteristic fleck. Beech wood. The wood is uninteresting and was seldom used as a show wood; … Continue reading

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