Making a Campaign Table – Part Three

This simple little table went together quite quickly. The gate hinges absorbed a little time, however, the top was straightforward, being attached with two face-mounted brass hinges.

The entire table was oiled to clarify and deepen the chatoyance of the padauk. After a couple of days drying time, the table was polished and then waxed.

The campaign table folded flat…

… and opened out.

Underside, open…

… and closed.

Jack Plane

About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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6 Responses to Making a Campaign Table – Part Three

  1. Jonathan says:


    I enjoy reading your blog, you are quite skilled. I really like the campaign table. Could you please post some construction details and more photos.



  2. Brian says:

    I was very interested to watch this project unfold (as it were). Would you be kind enough to post some pictures of the back side of the table and folding mechanism? I can’t tell from the pictures or description how the gate legs work, or where the top is hinged. You do beautiful work, and I enjoy reading your blog.



  3. Jack Plane says:

    Thanks for the kind remarks.

    There’s not much to this table; just a rail with a leg at each end, and two gates (with cut-outs to clear the top hinges) that are hinged to the same rail/legs. To open the table up, you lift the leaf and swing the gate legs out to support it.

    I’ve added two more images which I think are self-explanatory.


  4. Brian says:

    Thanks very much! That’s exactly what I needed to understand how it worked. I look forward to seeing whatever you make in future.



  5. Schuyler Ingle says:

    What are the basic dimensions of the table, the top, the legs? Thanks, S


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