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Girandole and Mirror Frame Moulding

To a reader, I promised (and promptly forgot) to post an image of the cross section of the frame stock used for the recent Pair of George II Walnut Girandoles and Two Small Mirrors. A little tardy, for which I … Continue reading

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A pair of George II Walnut Girandoles – Part Five

The candle branches I ordered from the brass foundry on December 15th have arrived! Huzzah! Dealing with Marshall Brass is one of the most perfunctory experiences one is ever likely to encounter. Drawing blood from a stone would be a … Continue reading

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Making Mouldings from Scratch

Making mouldings doesn’t really require a write-up does it? You simply drag out a two horse power, electron-burning, two-handled aluminium and plastic behemoth, install the appropriate sized/shaped router bit, don a pair of safety glasses and ear muffs and begin … Continue reading

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Bands of Feathers

The decoration of furniture in the late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-centuries falls into five categories; staining, painting, gilding, japanning and inlaying. Of the inlay techniques – parquetry, marquetry (floral and seaweed), stringing and banding – banding is surly the most … Continue reading

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Two Small Mirrors

Bobby Cranston, a lovely old man whom I employed for many years back in Ireland, had a wonderfully rich repertoire of witticisms and colourful colloquialisms. If someone in our company shared a joke, Bobby’s typical riposte was “Tell us another … Continue reading

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Walnut in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Centuries

English or European walnut (Juglans regia) was the most important furniture timber in Britain during the latter half of the seventeenth-century and the first half of the eighteenth-century. In truth, were this timber [Juglans regia] in greater plenty amongst us, … Continue reading

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