A George II Walnut Fretwork Mirror – Part Three

Following the calamity with the first looking glass (and pitiless connivery between my roving agent and Melissa Varga to convince me I had ordered a plain replacement glass), I am finally in possession of a second bevelled plate. My agent will not glean a single morsel from my table and despite Melissa Varga’s implicitness in the jolly little jape – which did have me frothing at the gills for a good hour or two – I can only reiterate my earlier commendation of Varga’s excellent service and value.

Since making the recent girandoles and small mirrors, I have received numerous emails from readers enquiring how I aged the looking glasses. I can now reveal the simple procedure: I smear a dollop of my mother-in-law’s face cream onto the looking glass and using a suitably sized wire-haired terrier pup, I scrub it vigorously in a random fashion until the desired effect has been achieved.

Carefully ageing a small looking glass. (No glass was harmed during this demonstration.)

Fitting the glass and ageing the back of the frame was done in much the same manner as earlier mirrors, so I won’t trouble you with repetitious waffle here.

The beveled glass.

walnut_fret_mirror_02aThe finished walnut fretwork mirror.


About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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8 Responses to A George II Walnut Fretwork Mirror – Part Three

  1. Robert Lindh says:

    I ask for the mirror aging steps…..But I do not have a Wire Haired..I have a little white Westy (my baby) !!!…So what is the aging tricks??


  2. Christian Groves says:

    Would your mother-in-law’s face cream have a high percentage of nitric acid?? I guess this is an alternative to her being ‘thinner’ and more ‘bleached’?



  3. r francis says:

    How much is the doggy in the picture?


  4. yaakov says:

    Lovely work! cute puppy too!



  5. Joe says:

    Long hair cats work better as the static created picks up the smallest piece of mirror silver

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