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O for Crying Out Loud

It seems a couple of readers were somewhat disappointed with my post Forging. Apparently they were expecting something entirely different. Sorry. That post is in the works and will appear at some stage. A few other readers were bemused with … Continue reading

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King George I

Born Georg Ludwig (George Louis) on May 28th 1660 in Osnabrück (and subsequently died there on June 11th 1727). He succeeded his father as the elector of Hanover in 1698 and, as a great-grandson of James I (and under the … Continue reading

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I was sorting through some images and came across this picture by Joseph Wright of Derby. It would have been pertinent to my earlier post Back Spring Locks, but it unfortunately missed the boat. However, I find it such an … Continue reading

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L for Leather

Leather has been employed for writing surfaces on furniture since the seventeenth-century to provide a tactile surface on which to write. It’s not only kinder on both paper and nib pens than a hard polished wood surface, but is also … Continue reading

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Shiny Happy People

With due acknowledgement to the British Museum, there’s an advertisement in their possession (annotated ‘1798’) for The Queen’s Royal Furniture Gloss, though quite what furniture gloss did or how it was applied, isn’t clear. In modern parlance, ‘furniture gloss’ might … Continue reading

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A George III Mahogany Kneehole Desk – Part Seven

After cleaning down the desk, I built up a faded mid brown mahogany colour on it and polished it with oil and spirit varnish. The handles were fitted to the drawers and, having finally made up my mind on the … Continue reading

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Spending Your Inheritance

Once the solicitor relinquishes his grip on your inheritance cheque, the first course of action is obviously to procure a suitable seat for the family’s future comfort. Andrew Triggs on his blog, BISH – British & Irish Stately Homes, has … Continue reading

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The Poplar, Aspen, and Abele

Poplars (Populus) are native to most of the Northern Hemisphere and include many sub species. Black poplar (Populus nigra). The Poplar is the most valuable of all the aquatics, whether we consider the quickneſs of its growth, or the magnitude … Continue reading

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A George III Mahogany Kneehole Desk – Part Six

The reason for the long break between dispatches is because my efforts have been focused on building a rather large wooden vessel capable of accommodating my family and all manner of other creatures that have recently congregated on a nearby … Continue reading

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Full Extension Drawer Slides in Period Furniture

“What!” I hear the reader groan. “Has he taken leave of his senses?” As far as I can discover, the pressed steel and ball bearing fittings that we know as ‘drawer slides’ or ‘glides’ first appeared in the early 1960s. … Continue reading

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