Shiny Happy People

With due acknowledgement to the British Museum, there’s an advertisement in their possession (annotated ‘1798’) for The Queen’s Royal Furniture Gloss, though quite what furniture gloss did or how it was applied, isn’t clear.

In modern parlance, ‘furniture gloss’ might be interpreted as some form of protective varnish as often applied to delicate furniture surfaces by conservators. However, the inscription continues “For cleaning, and beautifying, furniture of all sorts” which hints more toward it being a combined cleaner, oil and wax as in some furniture reviver preparations.

What ever the composition or performance, The Queen’s Royal Furniture Gloss certainly impressed these two domestic goddesses as can be witnessed by their celebratory headgear.


‘Your furniture’s exceeding nice,
Pray madam tell to me,
What makes it so? and what’s the price,
That mine the same may be.’

 ‘Tis Royal Gloss that makes it so,
One shilling, is the price,
Do buy one, the trouble’s none
And your’s will be as nice.’

Jack Plane


About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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3 Responses to Shiny Happy People

  1. Tico Vogt says:

    Polished woodwork must have seemed pretty sexy. Not much else seemed to be.


  2. Tico Vogt says:

    I see your point!


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