Four London Cabinet Founders and Ironmongers

Further to Furniture Brasses, the following London cabinet founders’ and ironmongers’ trade advertisements from the mid-eighteenth-century illustrate the vast array of merchandise they produced.

John Giles & Shadrh. Mulliner,
Cabinet Founders and Ironmongers,
at the Two Candlesticks & Bell, in Addle-Street, near
Wood-Street, London.
Make & Sell all Sorts of Braſs Handles, Escutcheons, Cloak Pins, Jointed Turnbuckles & Screw Rings, Plain & Wrought, Joint & Hollow Drop Rings & Roses, Button & Sash Knobs, Chimney Hooks, Watch Hooks, Fine & Common Curtain Rings & Oes Braſs Curtain Rods, Cas’d or Solid Plain or With Pulleys & Hooks for the same. Likewiſe Braſs, Leather, Or Wood Casters, Braſs Bolts Butts Desk Side Tumbler And Rule Joint Hinges, Braſs Coach Chair and Coffin Nails, Lath & Dovetail Door Hinges, Braſs and Iron Door Locks & Braſs & Iron Cabinet Locks of all Sorts. Braſs & Iron Knockers, Implements for Hanging of Bells & Furniture for Coffins in Braſs or Tin Square, Octagon, Round, Corner & Side Lanthorn Frames, Plane or Ornamented Hanging Glaſs Bell Lamps, Globe or Bell Lamps for Paſsages, Glaſs Arms & Suſtres Plain & Wrought Single, Double & Treble Braſs Branches Plain or Wrought Chandeliers for Churchs, Halls or Aſsembly Rooms & all Kinds of Curious Wrought & Candlesticks and Gerondoles, richly Finish’d in the Newest Taste with all other Sorts of Braſs and Ironmongers, Wares Wholesale or Retail.

Tuffin Shepherd & Jeremiah Nance
At ye two Wrought Candlesticks & Bell in Newport Street Facing Long Acre,
Make & Sell all Sorts of Fine Wrought or plain braſs Furniture of all kinds for Desks & Book Caſses, Chest of Drawrs, Bewroes, and all other Cabinet Work wth all Sorts of Braſs or Iron Locks for ye same, Braſs or Iron Locks for Doors, all Sorts of Fine Wrought or plain Braſs Branches, Candlesticks, Jerondoles, and Chandeliers for Churches or Gentlemens Halls, Fine Brass Lanthorns of all Sorts, Glaſs Branches or Glaſs Bell or Globe, Lamps of all Sizes, Braſs Curtain Rod, Rings & Pulleys, Cloak Pins & Watch Hooks, Braſs & Leather Casters, Sutes for Coffins, Braſs Coffin or Chair Nailes, Implyments of all kinds for Hanging Bells, And all other Sorts of Braſs or Iron Wares, that’s Used by Cabinet Makers, Upholders, or Joyners, Wholeſale & Retail at Reaſonable Rates.

William Kinman
Founder & Ironmonger,
At the Bell,
in ye Fleet Market, near Holbourn Bridge,
Makes & Sells all Sorts of
Braſs Nails & other Braſs Work.
Likewise Ironmongers Goods,
at the Lowest Prices.

Thomas Trimby
Cabinet Founder & Ironmonger.
At the Sign of the Sun, opposite
Rolls Buildings Fetter Lane,
Fleet Street.
Makes and Sells all sorts of Braſs work for Harpsichord makers, shagreen Case Makers, Trunk makers, Cabinet makers & Upholsterers. Likewiſe, all sorts of Braſs Leather or Box Castors, Table Ketches and Bell Cranks, with all sorts of Braſs and Ironmongers wares at the Lowest Prices, Wholesale and Retail.

Jack Plane


About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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  1. Joe M. says:

    Jack….. You must write a book……from the broad range of topics….maybe two or three!
    I’ll take an autographed copy!


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