An Impostor in our Midst! – Part Two

I mixed up a pot of Viscount Howe brown stain and brushed the chair all over with it… twice, for good measure.

When dry, I gave the chair a good polishing and then waxed it.

Fig. 1. Arm post, arm and spindles.

Fig. 2. Undercarriage and rockers.

Fig. 3. Ready to rock.

Jack Plane

About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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12 Responses to An Impostor in our Midst! – Part Two

  1. Phil Spencer says:

    Viscount Howe brown is that like Van dyke brown


  2. Joe M. says:

    So there is no surface finish, just wax, burnished, over the stain? Was the stain water or oil based? and did you use any glaze? You had said in he earlier post that you would “age it”
    The chair turned out Very nice (of course). Just the right amount of polish/gloss.


  3. Glen says:

    Nice work Jack……don’t hang onto it too long, it might just grow on you.


  4. William says:

    Hi Jack, love the finishing job on the chair. I”d would like to know where you get the stain color I have never heard of it.


  5. Robert says:

    What kind of tree is that? It looks awfully small for such large fruit, if it is a fruit.


  6. Adam says:

    Occasionally I really hate you. I’m not even sure how to go about becoming that talented at finishing, short of ruining a bunch of pieces in the process. I demand a detailed class at once. Preferably in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, as Australia is a bit outside my normal commute.


    • Jack Plane says:

      Perhaps you have a considerable pile in some remote area of outstanding beauty in Nova Scotia? I could come and squat in an unused wing for the spring months and maybe conscript a manservant or two – and a maid – for the duration.

      In return for such considerations, I might be disposed to impart some learning for a few hours each day.



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