Sweet Deal

After the disappointment of a couple of Sundays ago when I discovered there was no Lindt Advent calendar hanging on the wall, Virginia has redeemed herself! She returned from one of her weekends away, bearing Dutch chocolate by way of restitution. And what more befitting image could there be for the wrapper of a bar of Dutch chocolate than a painting by Rembrandt?

Dutch_chocolate_01aThe now non-existent bar of Dutch chocolate.

The image is one of Rembrandt’s most recognisable works, though its original title is a mystery. In the early nineteenth-century the painting was given the title Het Joodse Bruidje (The Jewish Bride), but it is also latterly and irreverently known as David Copafeel.

Rembrandt__The_Jewish_Bride_c1666_01aRembrandt, The Jewish Bride, circa 1666. (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)

Jack Plane

About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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4 Responses to Sweet Deal

  1. Joe M. says:

    Never mind the chocolate ….get back to work on that chest
    That goes for both of you!


  2. Tico Vogt says:

    Thanks for the chuckle mate!


  3. burbidge says:

    Too much of that on the table, and you’ll end up with Dutch Chocolate on Elm heart disease!


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