A Set of Six Claremont Fan-back Windsor Chairs – Part Four

I fail to cope with heat and humidity and our autumn weather has beaten me into submission. Overnight temperatures have been as high as 23° C (73° F) and daytime temperatures have been in the low to mid 30s (86°-90° F). The mercury is on the rise again and with 37° C (99° F) forecast for later this week, I don’t foresee much progress on these chairs for the next fortnight or so.

I did manage to steal a couple of half hour sessions before sun-up recently to turn some of the ash chair legs in my tin shed (even the cat has vacated the roof).

6cfbwc_100313_01aTotal productivity of the past two weeks.

Jack Plane

About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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9 Responses to A Set of Six Claremont Fan-back Windsor Chairs – Part Four

  1. burbidge says:

    Only four days until the temperature drops to the high twenties…


  2. Tico Vogt says:

    I just read this:
    “Age, Australia – This summer has been called everything from “extreme” to “angry” and for large swathes of the country those adjectives still apply.

    Nationally, summer was the hottest since consistent records began in 1910.

    The big dry now extends across much of southern Australia and even the Top End is looking at its driest “wet” season in two decades.

    In other words, the Climate Commission, which this week released “The Angry Summer” report, will probably need to update its tally of 123 heat and rainfall records because summer hasn’t thrown in the towel.”


  3. burbidge says:

    It’s and ‘Indian Autumn’!


  4. Terribly excited to discover your blog (via visitinghousesandgardens) and wish I had done so sooner as now I have an awful lot of catching-up with back posts. I wonder if you ever knew the Knight of Glin with whose book (with James Peill) on Irish furniture I’m sure you’re familiar? I am at present writing a short book celebrating the Knight and his many achievements, in case you have any thoughts on the subject….


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