Easter Tragedy!

It was inevitable that the Easter Bunny would eventually meet a sticky end!


Jack Plane

About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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7 Responses to Easter Tragedy!

  1. basilg says:

    I have many ” Peter ” like animals in our vicinity who may be suitable to join those in that paper bag. However, in did note this comment by a moderator on the Ameins forum

    “Most commercial RSG (rabbit skin glue) is not really made from rabbit skins, but from the hides and cartilage of mostly bovine but may include other animals as well. The industry uses the term rabbit skin glue and hide glue to distinguish between the grades of collagen glue derived from animals. The primary difference being the gel strength of the glue; rabbit skin glue being typically higher in gel strength than hide glue.

    When in solution, some collagen glues may be slightly acidic with a pH value of 6.0, which is not a major concern when used in gesso that uses calcium carbonate (calcite or chalk), which raises the pH of the medium and acts as a buffer for acidity.”

    Are you changing to RSG for the additional gel strength, or is there some other reason ?



    • Jack Plane says:

      Indeed. I mentioned in A William and Mary Simulated Tortoiseshell Chest of Drawers – Part Five that much of today’s rabbit skin glue is nothing more than finely ground bovine/equine glue. For the reasons you cite, I was happy to use ordinary cabinetmaker’s bovine/equine glue for making my gesso.

      However, artists require genuine rabbit skin glue for preparing canvasses prior to painting. Cornelissen’s is a first rate artist’s supplier and their rabbit skin glue is the genuine article.

      I use genuine rabbit skin glue when gilding. Cabinetmaker’s bovine/equine glue is more than adequate for all my other requirements.



  2. Eric R says:

    Given himself up for as higher purpose the brave soul…..


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