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Goody! Two Shoes.

Virginia has been voicing her disdain of homogenous, cheaply made footwear. I commiserate whole-heartedly with her as I firmly believe a man – or woman – should be both elegantly and comfortably shod when stepping out. Yesterday a much anticipated parcel … Continue reading

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I Say Potato…

… and Horton Brasses say… To lacquer or not to lacquer Let’s talk about lacquer. What is lacquer? Lacquer is a coating applied to an item as a way to seal an item and prevent the finish from aging or … Continue reading

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Where are the Pins?

Fig. 1. Do you see a vase or two faces? I see both the vase (positive) and the faces (negative space) simultaneously. Whilst talking about dovetails, there has been some natter about ‘pins’. I’ve been cutting dovetails for many, many … Continue reading

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And the Band Played On

At the behest of George II, the first official performance of The Music for the Royal Fireworks was performed by the composer George Frideric Handel at the Royal Fireworks celebrations in Green Park on the 27th of April, 1749. The … Continue reading

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A George I Simulated Tortoiseshell Girandole – Part One

Virginia and I have decided upon an early Georgian simulated tortoiseshell girandole to hang in a bedroom, however I couldn’t find an image of precisely what I had in mind, so I’m going to take a degree of liberty with … Continue reading

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A Set of Six Claremont Fan-back Windsor Chairs – Part Eight

I was about five minutes into staining the second chair when light rain began falling which, annoyingly, forced me to revise the whole colouring and polishing procedure. The chairs were in and out of the shed a dozen times that … Continue reading

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Picture This VI

The image below is of the back of a mahogany side chair from the third quarter of the eighteenth-century. At first glance, the well drawn blend of gothic and rococo carving appears to be competently executed. However, the foliate scrolls … Continue reading

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A Set of Six Claremont Fan-back Windsor Chairs – Part Seven

Autumn has arrived gently and without ceremony. The mornings are cool; not bracingly, but very pleasant and conducive to immersing oneself in toil. I completed the back sticks and glued them into the holes in the seats’ bob-tails. The crest … Continue reading

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The Efficacy of Animal Glue

RANT WARNING! “Hot hide glue is all right, but it’s water soluble and won’t last.” I have had it up to Pussy’s bow with the raft of misinformation regarding hide glue on internet fora and in newsletters etc. from people … Continue reading

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Uncommon Beauty

In the latest episode of Horton Brasses’ continuing festival of comedy, they are offering another variety of well-spoken handles which they deem especially useful for family members with mobility issues:- There’s a reason stylish handles and pulls, specifically ring pulls, … Continue reading

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