A Set of Six Claremont Fan-back Windsor Chairs – Part Eight

I was about five minutes into staining the second chair when light rain began falling which, annoyingly, forced me to revise the whole colouring and polishing procedure. The chairs were in and out of the shed a dozen times that day, but once I had the first coat of varnish on all six chairs I was able to relax as the weather had little or no effect on them then.

I left the varnish to harden for a couple of days before giving the chairs a good waxing.

6cfbwc_160413_01aFig. 1. The six finished Claremont chairs.

6cfbwc_160413_02aFig. 2. Crest rail and back sticks.

6cfbwc_160413_03aFig. 3. Crest rail.

6cfbwc_160413_04aFig. 4. Pegs securing crest rail to back sticks.

6cfbwc_160413_05aFig. 5. There are six chairs, right?

6cfbwc_160413_06aFig. 6. Point taken.

6cfbwc_160413_07aFig. 7. Bob-tail.

6cfbwc_160413_08aFig. 8. Seat.

6cfbwc_160413_09aFig. 9. Wedged front leg.

6cfbwc_160413_10aFig. 10. Front leg.

6cfbwc_160413_11aFig. 11. Hoof foot.

6cfbwc_160413_12aFig. 12. Stretcher.

6cfbwc_160413_13aFig. 13. Back leg.

Jack Plane

About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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10 Responses to A Set of Six Claremont Fan-back Windsor Chairs – Part Eight

  1. Congratulations Jack, they are truly beautiful.


  2. Eric R says:

    Very nice indeed Mr. Jack Plane.


  3. FIG Woodworks says:

    very nice Jack, Mrs Phil is impressed :)


  4. Burbidge says:

    That’s some very nice looking Ash.

    It’s also nice to see correct alignment of the leg wedges…unlike the following item:


  5. Joe m says:

    Beautiful set of chairs! Could you post your finishing process? What products or materials did you use? They really came out great
    Thanks for all your posts


    • Jack Plane says:

      Joe, I use stains and/or mordants for most of my faux finishes, but I purposely don’t keep records to avoid that repetitive store-bought look.

      As a base for these chairs, I mixed some primary colours to achieve a reasonable looking replica of early eighteenth-century ash and elm Windsor chairs. The chairs were sealed with spirit varnish, glazed and then varnished again.



  6. Forever Bound Art says:

    excellent work. We are always SO pleased to see this kind of restoration. In our line of work, we unfortanetly see the distruction far too often. Thank you for posting.


  7. Dave Ray says:

    Jack, for “self taught”; you had one really good teacher. The chairs are very nice.


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