Breaking Camp

The dreaded dismantling of the household is well underway. I have moved house several times over the years (both here and overseas) and the labour increases exponentially with each move. However, with every move comes the surprise, at some point, of the discovery of a forgotten cache of apparently indispensable… things.

On this occasion, it was the uncovering of a boxed quantity of unused tools on the shelf beneath my wood loathe (I’m an apathetic woodturner). Items like sharpening guides, dovetail gauges and corner rounders have found their way into my workshop; not for any practical purposes you understand, rather, their pricing qualified them as gifts. I take my hat off to some of the newer tool companies for their relentless resurrection of old tools and the introduction of new innovations, but really… corner rounders?

I also packed up my remaining unused story tapes. Now if anyone was ever seeking an essential yet inexpensive tool or gift, a quantity of these would certainly fit the bill.


Even if you don’t make furniture or build anything, these retractable blank tapes can provide endless minutes of innocent fun amongst gullible friends or neighbours’ children; as Mensa tape measures (only those with higher intelligence can read them); as furlong tape measures (only marked every furlong); for laying out invisible writing; and any number of other practical purposes.

Jack Plane

About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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3 Responses to Breaking Camp

  1. visitinghousesandgardens says:

    Good luck with the move!


  2. Wilkins Micawber says:

    Enough of these new innovations- bring me some old innovations!


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