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2014 AAADA Melbourne Antiques Fair

8th – 11th May, 2014 Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne The AAADA Fair offers for sale the finest and most diverse range of fine art and antiques in one place, at one time, in Melbourne. The AAADA fairs are … Continue reading

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Picture This XXVII

I mentioned in Bracket Foot Construction how horizontally blocked bracket feet are prone to failure. Recent images to hand evidence the type of damage previously described. Despite the mounds of pine glued behind each of the feet in figures 1 … Continue reading

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A Monumental Easter

Dutchman Jacob Roggeveen’s expedition to the South Pacific in 1722, led to the discovery of an extraordinary remote island on Easter Sunday. Whilst on his second voyage to the Pacific in March 1774, Captain James Cook revisited Easter Island to … Continue reading

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Picture This XXVI

I mentioned in Chest Invection how some, originally floor-standing, chests of drawers occasionally found their way up onto unrelated floor-standing chests and stands in order to address a paucity of chests-on-chests and chests-on-stands in the marketplace. The image below illustrates … Continue reading

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George II Walnut Ladderback Chair – Part Three

I came across another Giles Grendey ladderback chair (fig. 1) on display in the London Room of the Handel House Museum (the London home of the baroque composer, George Frideric Handel). Other than the slight difference in the shape of … Continue reading

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The Gillows Windsor Chair

The rustic and oft clumsy wooden-seated chairs of the early eighteenth-century were initially employed as outdoor seating and painted (usually in green) to better resist the elements. Over the following decades the Windsor chair’s shape and form were refined and … Continue reading

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Monkey Business

The relationship between England and France has been notoriously fraught since roughly the eleventh-century, with monarchs of both countries laying claim to the throne of their adversary on the opposite side of the English Channel. Concerned that Louis XIV was … Continue reading

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