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‘Designed to please’ – Lot 340

If you are in the least bit prudish or of a delicate nature, I would recommend you read no further as there follows an image that some may consider rude. Cocus (Brya ebenus) was a prized cabinet wood in the … Continue reading

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Vice Admiral Hardy’s Writing Cabinet

Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Hardy (1769-1839) served as Admiral Nelson’s flag captain and was with Nelson aboard the ‘Victory’ at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 on the occasion he was mortally shot. As Nelson lay dying on the deck, consoled … Continue reading

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Say, have you read this?

In Samuel Pepys’ diary entry for the 21st of June, 1661, he mentions purchasing some ‘say’: “…having bought some green Say for curtains in my parler”. Say is one of several archaic names for baize, a fabric commonly employed for … Continue reading

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Nelson’s Pelagic Furniture

Horatio Nelson was a career sailor who, as Vice Admiral of the White Squadron of the Fleet, accrued a number of personal pieces of furniture befitting his status. England embraced the hero and as a result, many of his belongings … Continue reading

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Ronald Phillips Ltd – Making Room

One of Britain’s pre-eminent dealers of fine English antique furniture and objects, Ronald Phillips Antiques Ltd., are re-evaluating their stock after a recent move to new premises. Ronald Phillips have entrusted Christie’s with the disposal of their surplus to be … Continue reading

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Picture This XXX

In 2010, whilst making a George II reading table, I turned a wooden thumb screw to lock the adjustable column at various heights (fig. 1). Fig. 1. Turned apple thumb screw. In part five of the table’s construction, I mentioned … Continue reading

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