The North Wind doth Blow…

… And We shall have Snow (according to the sixteenth-century rhyme).

In our case, however, it meant our house blew away. We’ve had horrendous weather this week with record temperatures and howling winds.

Luckily I was out when the roof flew seventy-five metres up the yard (landing on the new workshop, damaging one corner of it and punching a gaping hole in the roof too) otherwise I may have been cleft in twain.

The house is in very poor shape and will most likely have to be demolished.

So, for the second time in ten months I will be without internet connectivity (I’m typing this on a thing called an ‘eye phone’), though this time I know not when I shall return to regular posting.



Jack Plane

About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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25 Responses to The North Wind doth Blow…

  1. Tim Raleigh says:

    Sorry to hear about your disaster. Puts my little bit of a basement flood into perspective. I hope everyone is safe and healthy, albeit somewhat pissed…


  2. hughjengine says:

    Jack, this is moving too far into the realms of ‘interesting times’… Glad that you’re around to post about it!

    Best to Virginia,


  3. Tim C says:

    Tough luck, Jack. Glad you escaped unscathed. I’m sure we all join in wishing the recovery efforts may go smoothly.

    Tim C


    • Joe M says:

      Terrible to hear of your situation. Luckily you and the family are OK. We all look forward to your return and hope the rebuilding process goes smooth and quick. Maybe Wellard can get his oun room now?
      Good luck
      Joe M.


  4. Sylvain says:

    Glad nobody was hurt; and best wishes for the recovery.


  5. matt h. says:

    sorry to hear of your misfortune. Have enjoyed your 18th century discourses and hope you’re back soon. Best of luck.


  6. millcrek says:

    Jack, Sorry to hear of your of your weather loss, hope your rebuild is quick and goes easy.


  7. Ron Jones says:

    I am glad you are safe. It is shame about the property. How did the dog fare in the storm? Did his well-being take precedent?


    • Jack Plane says:

      Thanks for all the well wishes.
      The dogs were safe and sound in their kennels when the storm came through, though they didn’t look too impressed with having spent the night out in same refuge.
      It’s just daylight here now and the storm has abated, so the clean-up and assessing begins.



  8. chris caudill says:

    Also quite glad to hear that you are safe, if even with an unsound house. Good luck with the recovery and will look forward to your return.

    Chris C.


  9. FIG Woodworks says:

    I would reckon that Virginia would have needed a still G&T after that, glad and relieved that you are both OK it would have been a shock to you both.
    On the positive side there will be a lot of trees that need harvesting, better get the oit dug for the pir saw!


  10. Jim Pallas says:

    Glad that all are safe. Winds are an amazing thing they toss large items like toys and then take a most delicate seed for miles. It appears that you are going to be a carpenter instead of furniture maker for a while. Always look forward to your posts, hope your can get back at it soon.


  11. Eric R says:

    Keep a stiff upper lip old man.
    You are tough stock, and if spirit is anything, you have a bunch of us in your corner.


  12. Brian Smith says:

    I’m sorry about the damage to your property, but I’m glad that you and ‘yours’ appear to be physically okay. We had a tornado in my area a couple days ago – I’ve lived here fifty+ years, and it’s only the second one I’ve heard of in our state (first one was 2-3 years ago). I wish I was in a position to help you all.
    Brian Smith


  13. Ay ay ay. So sorry to hear about your house, Jack. How’s all that furniture you been building these last few years?


    • Jack Plane says:

      I deaccessioned the majority of my furniture prior to the move, so it was spared the ordeal. We are very lucky to live in a close-knit community: The bush telegraph works astoundingly quickly and within half an hour, we had an army of helpers with trailers, and the house contents were being moved to safe storage. The local removers also turned up en mass and the place was cleared out in short order. The rains began literally as the pantechnicon’s doors were closing… and the place flooded overnight.


  14. D.B. Laney says:

    What can anyone say when this kind of thing happens? Best thoughts, friend.
    D.B. Laney


  15. paul6000000 says:

    Shocked to see this post! Glad that you are all ok but sorry to know that my favourite wood working/furniture study/social history blog is on hiatus again.


  16. Val Stevenson says:

    Awww, bad luck (and have fun designing and rebuilding your perfect home)!


  17. Jonny says:

    Wow.. I live up in Canada, and we don’t usually get any wind that can do damage like that..
    I’m so sorry, good luck with rebuilding!


  18. RobinWire says:

    Just read of you terrible ad luck. Sorry to read that. On the positive, you can design a house for your furniture? Does Aussie insurance cover total rebuild?


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