Picture This LXXXIII

In Bonhams’ Home & Interiors sale in Knightsbridge on the 24th of May 2016, lot 116 is catalogued as a “George III mahogany mule chest” (fig. 1) which may well be correct.

Geo_III_mahogany_low_dresser_c1770_01aFig. 1. “George III mahogany mule chest”, (Bonhams)

However, looking at the gaps around all the drawers and the damage to the cockbeading; I suspect it’s a low dresser with nine fully functional drawers (fig. 2).

Geo_III_mahogany_low_dresser_c1770_01cFig. 2. Damaged/missing cockbeading and runner wear to carcase. (Bonhams)

Either way, it’s a rather splendiferous bit of furniture.

Jack Plane

About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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6 Responses to Picture This LXXXIII

  1. Ken says:

    Are those original the original hardware and is this an English piece? If so, what would you suspect the secondary wood to be?


  2. Joe M says:

    Were linings/drawer parts made from woods other than Oak or Deal/Pine? Sycamore maybe?


    • Jack Plane says:

      During my career I have seen some exceptional mahogany case furniture with mahogany linings. I have also seen a handful of vernacular chests with elm linings and a few with plane (Platanus acerifolia) linings (which is what I understand you, in North America call ‘sycamore’ – not to be confused with the true sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus).

      The vast majority of veneered carcases and linings though were of either oak or pine.



  3. Paul Huckett says:

    I always look through Bonhams catalogues , along with dozens of others. I actually have a few Google Alerts current, one for ‘ mule chests’ and another for ‘Gillow ‘ This so-called mule chest is rather splendid but I agree, a dresser base might be a better description. Bonhams will confirm but with a 25 % buyers commision , I haven’t bought a piece from them in 10 years . At £1500 quid plus 25% and tax , plus packing and shipping , it could land in Australia for around $6000 or a bit less, no bargain in today’s market . I buy a good mule chest every two years or so , fill it with bits and pieces and ship it home to Australia . I currently have a few good things I bought personally last year , and some online purchases , waiting for a suitable ‘ shipping container’ .


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