Season’s Greetings

Whatever your persuasion and situation, I wish you all well during the festive season.

Edward Penny, The Mistletoe or Christmas Gambols, circa 1796, (LWL)

Jack Plane


About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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10 Responses to Season’s Greetings

  1. voncarlos says:

    And the same to you Jack Plane. Thank you for taking us on a part of your life. :-)


  2. Eric R says:

    Thank you Jack Plane.
    The same to you & yours.


  3. Basil says:

    I hope the new year brings you peace and lots of Joy


  4. Thanks Jack and Right back at you!
    Merry Christmas!


  5. stevenrey56 says:

    Same to you Jack and thanks for your interesting postings throughout the year.


  6. Mr Syn says:

    Thanks Jack, and indeed, to you.


  7. Greg Forster says:

    …and a most Merry Christmas to you


  8. inorthwoods says:

    Best for you and yours,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


  9. Paul Bouchard says:

    All the best of the holidays to you Jack.


  10. Tom Bristowe says:

    I second everyone here. A Happy Christmas and New Year to you Jack.


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