Happy New Year

Cheers to everyone who took the time to read my posts over the past year, and a special thank you to those who commented on them.

Wishing all my readers happiness and prosperity in 2018.

Jack Plane


About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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17 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Greg Forster says:

    Jack, Happy New Year


  2. Leaf T says:

    And to you too, a happy and rewarding new year.


  3. Katya says:

    I so enjoy reading your blog. Even though I know so little about the construction of fine furniture the discoveries I’ve made here have enriched my understanding of the level of artistry needed to turn a log, indeed, more than a few of them, into a functioning thing of beauty. Thank you for that and a happy and healthy new year to you.


  4. Thank you Jack. it was our pleasure reading and commenting on your posts. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU.


  5. Ken says:

    This year I have bought a Hepplewhilte chest of drawers and a Queen Anne arm chair with the help of your blog. Thanks.


  6. bobbarnettpe says:

    Love your post thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us.


  7. Eric R says:

    And a very Happy New Year to you as well my friend.
    I truly enjoy your posts and read every single one.
    This site is one of the best there is.
    Thank you again.



  8. Joe M says:

    Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family!
    Which one in the picture is you?


  9. Ged says:

    A Happy New Year to you too Jack.

    Keep up the good work it is much appreciated.



  10. James R says:

    Happy New Year Jack. Thank you for your great blog. I look forward to each post and have learned so much from you over the past few years. My absolute favorite is your “shop dog” post.


    • Leaf T says:

      A great post. Ha ha “horse sauce” Dogs certainly like a bit of squeeze out of the stuff. The workshop dog when doing my apprenticeship nearly always sat up expectantly as the glue pot lid came off.


  11. Happy New Year to You Jack! And Thanks for all the Highly Valued Education!


  12. William says:

    Happy New Year Jack


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