Picture This CXXI

A dealer described this item of furniture as a “narrow Georgian mahogany and oak hanging corner cabinet.”

What say you sleuths?

Fig. 1. Timeless combination of mahogany and oak.

Fig. 2. No weight, could it be a reformed alcoholic’s drinks cabinet?

This shouldn’t test many of you; however I’ll withhold any direct hits until those behind the International Date Line catch up.

Jack Plane

About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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9 Responses to Picture This CXXI

  1. stevenrey56 says:

    I’m not intelligent enough to make a guess on the test subject but I will say that badge in the middle looks like a scary face.


  2. dbgraham says:

    Well duh! It’s made from the waist of a tall case clock. Even though it is nicely altered, the proportion is a bit odd.
    Note to dealer.
    Be honest. Label it for what it is and price it accordingly.


  3. Oh please is this for real? Over the last 10 years there has been massive drop in knowledge and understanding within the antique furniture world seen by other of your WordPress blogs, Jack. For some to call it a hanging cabinet shows the way the trade is going. By becoming more like second hand car salesman of 1970s. I don’t mind the new term up-cycling but we have been doing it for 100s of years and its not new. Yes it’s a good use of a piece where the damage out weight the cost of the restoration. So instead of trying to repair they took the damaged Longcase clock case circa 1800 and remove the top and bottom making good use of the trunk but please be honest to the buyer and have it described properly.


  4. Ged says:

    “up-cycled” clock case ?


  5. Matthew Pease says:

    I reckon I’ve clocked it. Even my Grandfather would know. You didn’t set us a very difficult, long case. Any other idea would be baseless. There won’t be any movement in my conclusion. It’s off its face and isn’t very handy. I think it’s a linen press!


  6. Joe M says:

    As a slow learner and sometimes dim-witted, I was listing in my mind all the “incorrectness” that did not look right for the period. Inlayed banding, strange center paterae, crazy bottom molding, the columns, lack of veneer on door,cross-banding, the unusual relationship/size of the frieze. and was going with my old standby. A victorian made up piece.
    Then reading the earlier posts …Of course….tall case clock!…..Then a thought crept in…how can a dealer be so far off the mark! He would have to know, or at the very least be more forthcoming in the description.


  7. potomacker says:

    There is something oddly uniform in the darkness of the interior, which suggests a stained interior to cover over a modification of unknown specification.


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