Picture This CXXVIII

I previously mentioned privy furniture with interestingly shaped aprons. This oak Chippendale-style commode chair incorporates the familiar aprons along with a removable rush seat with which to access a ceramic potty.

Fig. 1. George III oak commode chair, circa 1770.

Fig. 2. Removing the seat reveals the potty (absent).

Jack Plane

About Jack Plane

Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.
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6 Responses to Picture This CXXVIII

  1. Warwick says:

    Hi Jack

    Do you know where these commode chairs were kept/used? Were they sitting room furniture ? Were pot-cupboards/nightstands the bedroom equivalent?




  2. Elegant looking but looks like a real “Groover” (a term from river rafting wherein one gains marks from making a similar “deposit”in an ammo can). Would there have been another insert?


    • Jack Plane says:

      Yes, there would have been a polished oak (in this instance) board with a sympathetically moulded aperture above the potty. The board would have been level with the top of the front apron.



  3. Warwick says:

    How do we place this as GIII rather than GII? Is it the more neoclassical (cf rococo) splat? Or is there some other giveaway?


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