I am occasionally asked where I source my reference material. A small amount of it is sourced on-line, but most of it is gleaned from my own books (endnotes reflect the origins).

My library covers a diverse range of subjects including eighteenth-century glass, porcelain, silver and satirical prints; sixteenth- to eighteenth-century furniture, social and historical aspects of the eighteenth-century and rural pursuits.

Below I have listed some of the titles pertinent to this blog.

ANDREWS, J. (1970-2005) British Antique Furniture. Antique Collectors Club.
BARDER, R. (1999) The Georgian Bracket Clock 1714-1830, Antique Collectors’ Club.
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  1. Tim Raleigh says:

    That’s quite the collection


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  3. djobaldrickowen says:

    Could you tell me where I can find out more information about the chair tax please
    Thanks David Owen


  4. Isaac Humber says:

    I’m a blacksmith, repairer of woodwind and brasswind instruments, and teach 18th century smallsword fencing. Naturally, I am astounded at the level of competent research and devotion that is represented here. I must simply remark that your blog is a treasure, I only wish such specialized scholars of the physical world were more numerous.


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