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On the Dismantling and Reassembly of Glued Joints

Having emailed a reply to a plea from a desperate reader at the weekend, I thought I might as well publish it here for the potential benefit of others. Animal glue is mildly hydrophilic which alone, enables it to maintain … Continue reading

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The Efficacy of Animal Glue

RANT WARNING! “Hot hide glue is all right, but it’s water soluble and won’t last.” I have had it up to Pussy’s bow with the raft of misinformation regarding hide glue on internet fora and in newsletters etc. from people … Continue reading

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A William and Mary Simulated Tortoiseshell Chest of Drawers – Part Five

I had previously rubbed the drawer bottom boards together; then a couple of days ago, in relative respite from the high winds and searing heat that are presently wreaking havoc across the eastern seaboard of Australia, I cut the dovetails … Continue reading

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Glue, not Adhesive

Cabinetmaker’s glue, also known variously as bone glue, hide glue, pearl glue, Scotch glue and most appropriately, animal glue, is all just collagen, rendered down from left over bits of cattle and retired thoroughbreds. My preferred nomenclature is ‘horse sauce’. … Continue reading

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