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Picture This CXV

I have mentioned dealer sophistry before, but specious descriptions of antique furniture are sadly becoming ever more prevalent (I will save a discussion on the possible reasons for another time). The vendor of the Windsor chair in figure 1 described … Continue reading

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A Pair of Forest Chairs – Part Three

I bent the two arms from lengths of ash that were sawn from the straightest-grained board I could find. The back- and arm sticks were shaved from ash – as are the arm blades. The splats are of cherry and … Continue reading

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A Pair of Forest Chairs – Part One

I want four or five Windsor chairs that can remain permanently outdoors on the front veranda of the new house. As I have blathered on about forest chairs on numerous occasions, I thought I would make a pair of them … Continue reading

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Picture This CIV

A simple, stylish eighteenth-century comb-back Windsor chair comprising a D-shaped seat, one-piece bent arm, blade arm posts, plain crest rail and Goldsmith-esque legs with H-pattern stretchers. The seat, arm and crest rail appear to be sycamore and the remainder is … Continue reading

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Picture This CII

This ash comb-back Windsor chair (fig. 1) is unusual in several respects, not least of which is the circular seat (fig. 2) which is of ash rather than the more traditional elm. Also, the bent arm is exceptionally broad. Fig. … Continue reading

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Picture This XCIII

BADA (The British Antique Dealers’ Association) have partnered with art market specialists, The Curator’s Eye to launch the inaugural on-line BADA Auction on Thursday the 14th of July 2016. Some of BADA’s finest dealers have put up 413 lots that … Continue reading

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On and off the Wagon for the Past Year

I live alone and no longer drive a car, and whilst I have the kindest and most generous neighbours imaginable, I just can’t call on them every single time I need some little thing. This necessitates me telephoning for a … Continue reading

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Picture This LXXXVIII

Another forest chair, made, rather primitively, from ash and sycamore with original dark green paint. Painted ash and sycamore North Country comb-back Windsor chair, circa 1770. (Robert Young) Jack Plane

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Picture This LXXVII

I am seeing forest chairs everywhere and am beginning to wonder if there are any Windsor chairs out there that aren’t painted. The striking lath-back armchair in figure 1 incorporates bold leg turnings (compare with the chairs here and here), … Continue reading

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A William III Ash Chest-on-Stand – Part Five

The legs have turned up… quite well. I am not an avid turner, but turning ash, does at least provide some visually spectacular results. Striking grain and mighty whorls. Turning the onions and balusters was plain sailing, but when doing … Continue reading

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