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Can you handle this?

I require a set of brass handles of the pattern illustrated above. Strangely, it’s not an uncommon pattern, yet I searched through my boxes of strays for comparable bails and backplates without any luck and I haven’t been able to … Continue reading

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Picture This LIX

Eons ago, a friend told me his father was at home blind-fretting and in my youthful ignorance, I imagined his seeing eye dog had taken off after the neighbour’s cat and hadn’t returned. When I later developed an interest in … Continue reading

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Signed Early Eighteenth-Century Brasses

In Four London Cabinet Founders and Ironmongers, I posted the trade advertisements of four of what must have been hundreds of specialist cabinet founders working in the hub of early eighteenth-century London’s furniture district – St. Paul’s Churchyard, and in … Continue reading

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‘The Price of Putting on Brass Work’

In the latter decades of the eighteenth-century, capital and many regional trade societies published Books of Prices in order to assimilate the piece-rate of many standard procedures involved in cabinetmaking, chairmaking and upholstery etc. The Books of Prices were not, … Continue reading

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A George II Mahogany Reader’s Companion – Part Five

The weather in Victoria of late has been some of the coldest in recent history. Finding a day – or even the odd half hour – of fine and moderately temperate weather in which to polish a piece of furniture … Continue reading

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A pair of George II Walnut Girandoles – Part Five

The candle branches I ordered from the brass foundry on December 15th have arrived! Huzzah! Dealing with Marshall Brass is one of the most perfunctory experiences one is ever likely to encounter. Drawing blood from a stone would be a … Continue reading

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