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Quote of the Week

[…] Thomas Chippendale. His designs reached both sides of the Atlantic […][1] Jack Plane [1] Nichols House Museum, Boston. Advertisements

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Picture This C

“All craftsmen make blunders, but what separates the truly great ones is the ability to redress their mistakes.” Regular reader, Burbidge, emailed me about an aspect of the mahogany linen press in figure 1. It conforms closely to the drawing … Continue reading

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Of Superlative Mahogany Furniture and Oiled, Ripped Bodies

In the introductory paragraph of his description of a Chippendale period gentleman’s press, Oxfordshire antiques dealer, David Harvey began: I suppose the name Chippendale is to many synonymous with male strip tease shows […] Jack Plane

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Chair-Back Settees

A popular form of mid- to late eighteenth-century seating was the chair-back settee, in double-, triple-, and quadruple-back formats. Fig. 1. George II Irish mahogany double chair-back settee, circa 1740. (O’Sullivan Antiques) Chair-back settees are constructed in much the same … Continue reading

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Picture This VII

A reader enquired if I tidied up the sawn surfaces of the fretted sides of the Chippendale hanging shelves I made last year. I replied that I performed the minimum of cleaning up as that was how equivalent surfaces appear … Continue reading

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Reproducing Some Chippendale Period Brasses

My happy association with fine British and Irish furniture over several decades has lead to some interesting finds and spoils through auctions and private dealings. A fortuitous encounter turned up a complete set of pristine, pure Chippendale handles (fig. 1). … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

From a well known North American furniture brassware manufacturer’s website… “Chippendale was not exclusively a colonial American style, and furniture makers across the Atlantic created pieces with this look.” Jack Plane

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Furniture Brasses

In the early seventeenth-century, furniture fittings – handles, hasps, hinges and locks – were wrought from iron by black- and whitesmiths; often with surprising finesse. Whitesmiths also produced tinned iron fittings which, when new, would have shone like silver, but … Continue reading

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What Nomenclature is this!

I was watching a video, produced by the Victoria and Albert Museum, on the subject of a Chippendale period chair, when I suddenly found myself hurling verbal abuse at the monitor and slapping my hand on the desk – have … Continue reading

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A George II Virginia Walnut Chest of Drawers – Part One

I have been contemplating a mid-eighteenth-century Virginia Walnut chest for some time, but until lately I didn’t have any specifics to hand. I could have drawn on several decades of experience and constructed a chest in the style of, but I … Continue reading

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