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Cross-Grained Mouldings

Mouldings on oak-framed buildings – and thence joiner-made oak furniture – followed the timber’s grain and were comparatively simple to produce. Then circa 1685, a new breed of specialised furniture maker appeared. Cabinetmakers developed more sophisticated techniques for making and … Continue reading

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A pair of George II Walnut Girandoles – Part Three

The stock for the frames is pine which is cross-veneered on the outsides with the same 5/64″ (2mm) thick walnut veneer as the frets and the top is faced with 1/4″  (6.4mm) thick cross-grained walnut blocks. I made the stock … Continue reading

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Making a ‘Mulberry’ Corner Cabinet – Part Four

I boarded the back of the upper tier this morning and attached the cornice to the front. The hot weather (27°C or 80°F) has already had an effect on the cross-grained mouldings which have begun to ‘crinkle’, creating small gaps. … Continue reading

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Making a ‘Mulberry’ Corner Cabinet – Part Two

Composite mouldings Because I don’t have any drawings and very few dimensions to lead me on this interpretation of a two-tier corner cabinet, I wanted to visualise the proportions of the cornice before embarking on the upper tier. The untrained … Continue reading

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