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Drawer and Drawer Aperture Decoration

Since man first made tools, utensils and weapons from wood, he has burnt, carved and scraped decoration into it. Even in their simplest form, the rails and stiles of early joiner-made coffers usually exhibit chamfered edges (fig. 1), though more … Continue reading

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A Dovetailing Confession

A recent visitor was examining some dovetails I had made in the back of a small mahogany drawer and (knowing I don’t possess a great variety of saws) asked which saw I had employed to make the dovetails. I replied … Continue reading

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A George II Ash Bureau – Part Three

I slathered the dovetails with glue and knocked the carcase together. The dustboards were slipped into their housings with just the drawer dividers glued at the front of the carcase. A pocket – formed by a vertical divider – is … Continue reading

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Where are the Pins?

Fig. 1. Do you see a vase or two faces? I see both the vase (positive) and the faces (negative space) simultaneously. Whilst talking about dovetails, there has been some natter about ‘pins’. I’ve been cutting dovetails for many, many … Continue reading

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Drawer Front Dovetail Evolution

Until the mid-seventeenth-century, drawer sides were normally nailed into rebates cut in the ends of the drawer fronts (figure 1). All that prevented such a drawer front from being torn from the drawer when the handles were pulled were two … Continue reading

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Constructing a Mid-Eighteenth-Century Drawer

Drawers went through several evolutionary phases (more on them, perhaps, in a later post) before arriving at this apotheosis, circa 1725, and continuing with just two changes (a mid-century 90° rotation of the drawer bottoms and a minor change to the … Continue reading

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A George I Walnut Side Table – Part Four

The upper drawer divider was dovetailed into the front legs and the outer drawer guides were nailed and glued to the sides of the carcase. The front of the carcase was then veneered and tidied up. I glued the ears … Continue reading

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