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Picture This CXII

Several readers have, at various times, enquired why some eighteenth-century drawers have escutcheons – and indeed, keyholes – when no locks are (or ever were) present. Locks were expensive items and not all drawer contents necessitate such elaborate protection. In … Continue reading

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Picture This LXXXIII

In Bonhams’ Home & Interiors sale in Knightsbridge on the 24th of May 2016, lot 116 is catalogued as a “George III mahogany mule chest” (fig. 1) which may well be correct. Fig. 1. “George III mahogany mule chest”, (Bonhams) … Continue reading

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A William III Ash Chest-on-Stand – Part Four

The stand’s carcase is now finished – but for the front-to-back oriented top boards which will be nailed into the provided rebate (arrowed, fig. 1) once the drawer is completed and the drawer stops have been rubbed in place. Fig. … Continue reading

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Unreasonable Fourth

Since completing the third chest of drawers for the upcoming book, I have had a lot on my plate which has dictated, at best, sporadic work on the fourth chest. I did, however, begin with great gusto; preparing the carcase’s … Continue reading

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Picture this LIV

In the earlier post, Picture This XXXV, I illustrated a mid-eighteenth-century mahogany bureau whose top drawer partially concealed the loper pockets. An earlier bureau (fig. 1) with not dissimilar extended drawer fronts sold at Christie’s The Connoisseur’s Eye sale yesterday, … Continue reading

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Picture This XXI

Split chests are cropping up with great regularity! George I split walnut chest, circa 1720. (Christie’s) The construction of this chest appears to contradict the reasoning and method of splitting flat panel chests that I described in Picture This XIX, however, … Continue reading

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A George II Ash Bureau – Part Three

I slathered the dovetails with glue and knocked the carcase together. The dustboards were slipped into their housings with just the drawer dividers glued at the front of the carcase. A pocket – formed by a vertical divider – is … Continue reading

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A George III Mahogany Kneehole Desk – Part Six

The reason for the long break between dispatches is because my efforts have been focused on building a rather large wooden vessel capable of accommodating my family and all manner of other creatures that have recently congregated on a nearby … Continue reading

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A George III Mahogany Cabinet-on-Chest – Part Two

I started with the chest – a classic 5-6-7-8 chest (the drawer heights are 5″, 6″, 7″ and 8″) – but I prepared all the mahogany and pine for both the chest and the cabinet while I was at it. … Continue reading

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A George II Mahogany Reader’s Companion – Part Five

The weather in Victoria of late has been some of the coldest in recent history. Finding a day – or even the odd half hour – of fine and moderately temperate weather in which to polish a piece of furniture … Continue reading

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