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Die Kommode mit funf Schubladen

… As the non English-speaking George I would have called this five drawer chest – the third of five chests of drawers that I’m making for the up-coming book. This chest dates from around 1720 and employs Virginia walnut veneer … Continue reading

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James’ Christmas Homecoming

Following his exile in France, James Francis Edward Stuart (The Old Pretender – the son of James II, the deposed Catholic King of England and Ireland and James VIII of Scotland), landed at Petershead in Scotland on the 22nd of … Continue reading

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Paul de Lamerie

Paul de Lamerie died on the 1st of August 1751. Considered the greatest silversmith in Britain during the eighteenth-century, De Lamerie was actually born in the Dutch Republic in 1688. His Huguenot father fled religious persecution in France in 1685, … Continue reading

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Death of King George II

King George II died on the 25th of October 1760. Born in Hanover in Germany, George was the last foreign-born British monarch. George succeeded his father, George I to the throne in 1727. On the morning of 25th October 1760, … Continue reading

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King George I

Born Georg Ludwig (George Louis) on May 28th 1660 in Osnabrück (and subsequently died there on June 11th 1727). He succeeded his father as the elector of Hanover in 1698 and, as a great-grandson of James I (and under the … Continue reading

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Lick and Stick Georges

On the 15th of September the Royal Mail released a set of six new stamps entitled The House Of Hanover which features the six Hanoverian monarchs who reigned over Great Britain (and for a period, Ireland too) from 1714 to … Continue reading

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