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A Sticky Subject

Jack Plane

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Season’s Bleatings

The setbacks and frustrations have been several this year; a few have been unavoidable due to health issues, but others could and should have been avoided. Of these, the year’s greatest disappointment has been the loss of the entire manuscript … Continue reading

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On Gluing the Joints of Boards

To make the beſt and strongeſt Glew, for Glewing the Joints of Boards. [Take] Scummed Milk which has ſtood ſo long, that no more Cream will ariſe from it: Scum it very clean, and ſet it over the Fire in … Continue reading

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Glue, not Adhesive

Cabinetmaker’s glue, also known variously as bone glue, hide glue, pearl glue, Scotch glue and most appropriately, animal glue, is all just collagen, rendered down from left over bits of cattle and retired thoroughbreds. My preferred nomenclature is ‘horse sauce’. … Continue reading

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