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A Pair of Forest Chairs – Part Four

I mixed some thin paint in, what was a popular mid-Georgian shade of green and gave both chairs a couple of coats. Each coat of paint was rubbed back and then a brown-ish glaze was applied to the chairs to … Continue reading

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Picture This LXXIII

Forest chairs have been cropping up everywhere recently. The unusual Windsor chair in figure 1 retains the majority of its original green paint. Fig. 1. Green-painted comb-back forest chair, circa 1800. (Robert Young) The chair in figure 2 also retains … Continue reading

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The Gillows Windsor Chair

The rustic and oft clumsy wooden-seated chairs of the early eighteenth-century were initially employed as outdoor seating and painted (usually in green) to better resist the elements. Over the following decades the Windsor chair’s shape and form were refined and … Continue reading

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