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Just Deserts

Virginia received a great little book for Christmas, Wobble, by Rachael Lane, which contains thirty-five tantalising jelly recipes. Inspired by some of the delicacies, the choicest sheet gelatine was sought, but being the Christmas holidays, only powdered gelatine was available … Continue reading

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Making a Campaign Table – Part Two

The table is a very simple affair consisting of a hinged top, a front frame rail, two hinged gates and four moulded legs. The top is basically a wide board made up by rub-jointing four pieces of padauk together with … Continue reading

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Making an English Comb-back Windsor Chair – Part Four

At the end of my last entry I had run out of daylight, so today I took a spokeshave and eased the front edges of the seat scallops so they won’t dig into the back of the sitter’s thighs. I … Continue reading

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A Hepplewhite Sofa

I am instructed we need a new sofa – and I have to agree really. The pair of sofas we dragged here from our previous location is typical of much modern commercially made furniture; they suffer a total absence of … Continue reading

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An Ash Cricket Table

Virginia remarked of late that she would like another small side table, so I undertook to produce one. I thumbed through a few books and old auction catalogues for inspiration and we eventually settled on a cricket table. Cricket, a … Continue reading

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Glue, not Adhesive

Cabinetmaker’s glue, also known variously as bone glue, hide glue, pearl glue, Scotch glue and most appropriately, animal glue, is all just collagen, rendered down from left over bits of cattle and retired thoroughbreds. My preferred nomenclature is ‘horse sauce’. … Continue reading

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