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Picture This CXLI

Every so often, I go all weak at the knees and grasp a convenient chair back or table top for support. It’s not so much to do with my advancing years; rather, the sight of some superlative piece of furniture … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

With spring almost upon us, I pulled the old green jinker out of storage bright and early this morning and began dusting her off in readiness for the first outing of the season. The original paintwork is looking rather tired, … Continue reading

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On and off the Wagon for the Past Year

I live alone and no longer drive a car, and whilst I have the kindest and most generous neighbours imaginable, I just can’t call on them every single time I need some little thing. This necessitates me telephoning for a … Continue reading

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Intimacy with Horses

The United States of America’s third President, Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826), was an intensely passionate man both in his political life and personal life. Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale, circa 1805. In 1772, at the age of twenty-nine, Jefferson … Continue reading

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The Melbourne Cup

Most visitors to this blog share my interest in antique furniture, but not many readers would be aware that I also know quite a bit about horse racing. For those unfamiliar with the Sport of Kings and its competitors, the … Continue reading

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Making a Reading Table – Part Eleven

I quickly cut the new hinges into their respective positions in the table so I could dump them in the Bucket of Wrath and proceed with the finishing process. Old red walnut (ORW) with its brown-red colour is often mistaken … Continue reading

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