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Castor Eyes over This!

History doesn’t relate who invented the wheel, but some of the earliest examples of wheels employed on furniture were in the mid 1600s under heavy trundle beds. Castors (wheel assemblies whose wheel axes are offset from the vertical axes about … Continue reading

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Uncommon Beauty

In the latest episode of Horton Brasses’ continuing festival of comedy, they are offering another variety of well-spoken handles which they deem especially useful for family members with mobility issues:- There’s a reason stylish handles and pulls, specifically ring pulls, … Continue reading

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Who’s on first…

The latest comedy instalment from Horton Brasses just arrived in my in-box and I thought I would share the highlights with those who don’t subscribe to it… From 1690 until 1730, William and Mary were the monarchs of England. It … Continue reading

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American Antiques Age Faster

From Horton Brasses’ blog… Antique looking furniture has become rather popular, unfortunately there are not enough antique items to accommodate the demand. What has resulted because of this? Cheap, unauthentic, antique knock-offs that look authentic but are really twenty-first century … Continue reading

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Horton Brasses Hardware Finishing

Horton Brasses just uploaded this video showing their brass colouring process. Jack Plane

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