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A Pair of George II Irish Walnut Side Chairs – Part Three

I completed the construction of the two chairs on Christmas day and had hoped to finish them this week; however it’s simply too damned hot. The walnut chairs in-the-white. When the weather cools from the current high 30s (US: stinking … Continue reading

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A Pair of George II Irish Walnut Side Chairs – Part Two

When making chairs of this ilk, I like to glue the entire backs together as separate assemblies. I then repeat the process with the front legs/seat rails and finally take the side seat rails and remaining stretchers and glue the … Continue reading

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A Pair of George II Irish Walnut Side Chairs – Part One

In the late 1980s I restored four elegant mid-eighteenth-century Irish ‘red’ walnut side chairs with stuffover seats. If I did take any photos of them, I can’t locate them now; however, I did take the time to make patterns of … Continue reading

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A Wake

It’s time. I lost Virginia on the 29th of December 2014. I seek neither condolences nor sympathy. I have largely succeeded in keeping my personal life from scrutiny here, however today’s post, though keenly personal on one level, involves a … Continue reading

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On the Seating of Irish Giants and Leprechauns

Irish giants (of which I am one) are a unique phenomenon amongst a wider national populace of green-wearing little people and folk of average height. Giants are recorded throughout Irish history, but it wasn’t until the growth in popularity of … Continue reading

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Buckets begorrah!

This year I decided to mark Saint Patrick’s Day with a post celebrating some peculiarly Irish furniture. Ireland is a country that incites endless superlatives as the result of her lush scenery and vistas, culture, and – amongst many unique products … Continue reading

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Picture This XLII

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of my adoration of beautiful and unusual English and Irish furniture. This stylistically and dimensionally archetypal early George III chest is bizarrely yet handsomely veneered in fruitwood and yew. The chest (lot … Continue reading

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Chair-Back Settees

A popular form of mid- to late eighteenth-century seating was the chair-back settee, in double-, triple-, and quadruple-back formats. Fig. 1. George II Irish mahogany double chair-back settee, circa 1740. (O’Sullivan Antiques) Chair-back settees are constructed in much the same … Continue reading

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To all Irishmen, particularly those in absentia… happy Saint Patrick’s Day. The Reverend Doctor Caleb Threlkeld, Synopsis Stirpium Hibernicarum… (Irish Flora), circa 1727. Jack Plane

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Irish Tortoiseshell?

I have previously written about faux tortoiseshell used to decorate case furniture and mirror frames etc., but none of the processes involved the use of any actual animal matter. On the subject of creating a passable keratin substitute for genuine … Continue reading

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