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Picture This XV

I don’t know much about early North American furniture other than they seem to have no idea when it was made. Early on in the settlement of the colony, English joiners crossed the Atlantic, bringing with them, prevailing tastes and … Continue reading

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God Save Queen Mary

Sir Peter Lely, Queen Mary II, circa 1677. On the 28th of December 1694 Mary II, wife and first cousin of joint monarch, William III, died from smallpox. Raised a Protestant, Mary was the eldest daughter of (Roman Catholic) James … Continue reading

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Queen Anne

Anne was born on February 6th, 1665 to Anne Hyde and James II. Although James was a nonconformist, Anne was baptised an Anglican. Anne’s older sister, Mary, also a Protestant, married William II and jointly succeeded Anne’s and Mary’s father to … Continue reading

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Fancy a Screw?

I’ve always fancied screws. That such a devilishly cunning device with no moving elements can impart immense force through simple rotation is nothing short of brilliant. Brilliance was Leonardo da Vinci’s code; he no doubt looked at Archimedes’ water screw … Continue reading

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