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Cross-Grained Mouldings

Mouldings on oak-framed buildings – and thence joiner-made oak furniture – followed the timber’s grain and were comparatively simple to produce. Then circa 1685, a new breed of specialised furniture maker appeared. Cabinetmakers developed more sophisticated techniques for making and … Continue reading

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Drawer and Drawer Aperture Decoration

Since man first made tools, utensils and weapons from wood, he has burnt, carved and scraped decoration into it. Even in their simplest form, the rails and stiles of early joiner-made coffers usually exhibit chamfered edges (fig. 1), though more … Continue reading

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A William and Mary Simulated Tortoiseshell Chest of Drawers – Part Six

Upon examining early japanned furniture, it becomes apparent why so much testudinally painted furniture was surrendered to japanners and other artists accomplished in chinoiserie. The least convincing simulated tortoiseshell finishes are bedaubed with a repetitive pattern more reminiscent of leopard … Continue reading

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A George II Virginia Walnut Chest of Drawers – Part Three

Yesterday provided a brief respite from the seemingly incessant rain we’ve been experiencing recently, so I hurried out and removed the tarpaulin from the carcase. The sun even came out for a spell which saw the temperature soar to a … Continue reading

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A George III Mahogany Kneehole Desk – Part Four

The base mouldings on kneehole desks are invariably quite pronounced, adding bold lines to the ins and outs of the pedestals and kneehole. I stuck the moulding in a couple of suitable lengths of mahogany and then glued and nailed … Continue reading

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A Thorny Subject

While making the William and Mary Walnut Chest of Drawers, a reader enquired about the method I used to lay thick and oft unyielding veneers and I replied that, where appropriate, I invariably resort to pinning them down in the … Continue reading

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Making a ‘Mulberry’ Corner Cabinet – Part Seven

My hands, arms and shoulders seemingly aren’t in complete obeisance to my renewed interest in woodworking: Striking mouldings is a gentle occupation that I’ve always enjoyed, but frankly, making the door mouldings and panel rebates recently stuffed me up right … Continue reading

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Making a ‘Mulberry’ Corner Cabinet – Part One

The ‘mulberry‘ bug has burrowed deep under my skin, so to satiate my craving I have decided to create a piece of ‘mulberry’ furniture. I have amassed a substantial collection of eighteenth-century glass and New Hall porcelain which currently occupies … Continue reading

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An Ebonised Clock Bracket

Most people familiar with bracket clocks will probably only have ever seen them sitting on tables or mantelpieces, but not surprisingly really, bracket clocks were originally designed to be placed on wall brackets. Like the protective leather cases of carriage … Continue reading

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Restoration of Tracery Bookcase Doors

Apparently while the owners of this circa 1775 mahogany bookcase were moving house, the removers had both doors wide open while they unloaded the books into packing boxes. When the bookcase was almost empty of books the weight of the … Continue reading

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