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Suitable Spirit for Varnish-Making

When making spirit varnishes for polishing furniture etc., the gums and resins (colophony, sandarac and shellac etc.) are dissolved in ethyl alcohol (ethanol) – or more acceptably, for safety reasons these days – Industrial Methylated Spirit (IMS) or simply, ‘meths’. … Continue reading

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Cleaning Brasses

Curiously, despite recently counselling against the polishing of brasses in Furniture Brasses, a couple of readers emailed me asking how best to go about polishing them. Instanter I referred to Miss Leslie’s House Book for the unequivocal answer which I … Continue reading

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Is to give brightness to any subſtance. The method of polishing amongst cabinet-makers is various, as required in different pieces of work. Sometimes they polish with bees wax and a cork for inside work, where it would be improper to … Continue reading

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A George I Walnut Side Table – Part Five

I want to bring the brasses up to a fairly high lustre when I finally fit them to this piece of furniture, so this colour merely represents what will be left in the nooks and crannies in imitation of handles … Continue reading

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