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A George II Elm Corner Cupboard – Part Three

Metropolitan-made corner cupboards and cabinets, and those of a later date, employed sophisticated joinery in the form of sliding dovetails, rebates or trenches to enhance carcase rigidity, but often these carcases were simply glued and nailed together. That nailed examples … Continue reading

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Chippendale Hanging Shelves – Redux

Any plans I have encountered for the purpose of reproducing period furniture usually suffer from inaccuracies and loose interpretations brought about through ignorance of furniture chronology and period practices. Similarly, limitations arise through the advocacy of some modern tools, substandard … Continue reading

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Chippendale Hanging Shelves – Part Three

The two small drawers are made entirely of mahogany and constructed in keeping with period practices. I glued the drawer stops in place, cleaned the shelves up, polished them and attached the Dutch drop handles to the drawers. The finished … Continue reading

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Chippendale Hanging Shelves – Part Two

To prevent the simple structure falling apart, the shelves are dovetailed into the sides and likewise, the drawer divider is dovetailed into the lower shelf and the base board. With the stock all prepared, I sawed the stopped, tapered dovetail … Continue reading

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Chippendale Hanging Shelves – Part One

This delicate little set of chinoiserie shelves is taken straight from Thomas Chippendale’s Director, published in 1754. Fig. 1. Chippendale’s designs for Hanging Shelves, circa 1753. Normally made of mahogany, and often in pairs[1], many ‘Chippendale’ hanging shelves bear only … Continue reading

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