Chippendale Hanging Shelves – Gallery

You can also read about the making of these shelves by clicking the links below.

Chippendale Hanging Shelves – Part One

Chippendale Hanging Shelves – Part Two

Chippendale Hanging Shelves – Part Three

Chippendale Hanging Shelves – Redux


8 Responses to Chippendale Hanging Shelves – Gallery

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  2. Eleanor Clark says:

    I would like to purchase a Chippendale Hanging Shelve. Where would I find one?


  3. Eleanor Clark says:

    Thanks for responding. DO you know of any kits to build such shelves


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  6. Adgie Hill says:

    I have a 1877 Chippendale Hanging shelf that needs repair in that the wooden gallery pieces have become very brittle and it will be very tedious to restore almost like a jigsaw puzzle. I just happened onto your website and read Eleanor Clark’s question but that was posted 3 years ago so she probably has already found one.


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