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A George II Elm Corner Cupboard – Part Four

I prepared all the stuff for the door frame and planed the grooves to accept the door panel. I also stuck a 1/4″ ovolo along what will be the inner edges of the door frame. The ends of the frame … Continue reading

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The Common Holly

… we still dreſs up both our churches and houses, on Christmas and other festival days, with this cheerful green, and its rutilant berries. [i] The common holly Common holly (Ilex aquifolium) grows naturally in hedges, woods and forests across … Continue reading

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A George II Elm Corner Cupboard – Part Three

Metropolitan-made corner cupboards and cabinets, and those of a later date, employed sophisticated joinery in the form of sliding dovetails, rebates or trenches to enhance carcase rigidity, but often these carcases were simply glued and nailed together. That nailed examples … Continue reading

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Making a Reading Table – Redux

The Book Stop Further to the removable book stop dilemma which I wrote of in Making a Reading Table – Part One and Making a Reading Table – Part Seven, I have now lived with the reading table for about … Continue reading

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A George II Elm Corner Cupboard – Part Two

For the most part, the way this blog operates – and the way the majority of readers tell me they prefer it – is: I illustrate a piece of antique furniture that I admire and describe it in some detail. … Continue reading

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The Queen is Dead… uh… Long Live the Queen!

It has, again, been brought to my attention that I know not what I’m talking about. I’m the first to admit my mind isn’t what it once was (I even woke Virginia the other night and enquired “What land is … Continue reading

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