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Picture This CII

This ash comb-back Windsor chair (fig. 1) is unusual in several respects, not least of which is the circular seat (fig. 2) which is of ash rather than the more traditional elm. Also, the bent arm is exceptionally broad. Fig. … Continue reading

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A George II Walnut Serpentine Chest – Part Two

The individual pine boards for the chest’s carcase were planed slightly oversize and then rubbed together with glue to form the four carcase panels (fig. 1). Fig. 1. Carcase panels drying. When dry, the panels were planed to their final … Continue reading

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A George II Walnut Serpentine Chest – Part One

Towards the close of the seventeenth-century, rather heavy, solid wainscot (oak) furniture gave way to refined European walnut chairs, tables, mirrors and walnut-veneered wainscot and deal (pine) casework etc. Joined oak furniture was attractive enough, but somewhat workman-like and couldn’t … Continue reading


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Happy New Year

Happiness, health and prosperity to all in 2017. Jack Plane

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