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Picture This LXXIX

Here’s another one for the sleuths. What’s going on with this? Fig. 1. “Queen Anne, circa 1725”. More details and clues will follow after some discussion. Jack Plane

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Picture This LXXVIII

Hunt tables were conceived for the singular purpose of dispensing drinks at hunt meetings, balls and other social events enjoyed by the haut monde (fig. 1). Fig. 1. “Bar’s open!” George III mahogany hunt table, circa 1780. (Nick Brock) However, … Continue reading

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Picture This LXXVII

I am seeing forest chairs everywhere and am beginning to wonder if there are any Windsor chairs out there that aren’t painted. The striking lath-back armchair in figure 1 incorporates bold leg turnings (compare with the chairs here and here), … Continue reading

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Stretching the Truth

I recently bought a new dressmaker’s tape measure to accurately determine the dimensions of a multifariously curved item of furniture that I have designs on. It appears that some nations have as much trouble grasping the antiquated imperial system of … Continue reading

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Picture This LXXV

The regional stylistic variations of Windsor chairs – and their forerunners, stick chairs – are many. Low-back stick chairs made in Carmarthenshire in the south-west of Wales evolved into a distinct style identifiable by their massive one-piece horse shoe-shaped arms … Continue reading

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Picture This LXXIV

Amongst the lots up for auction in Bonham’s sale, Home & Interiors, in Knightsbridge, this coming Tuesday, the 23rd of February 2016, I espied this stretcher-less oak low dresser , lot 393 (fig. 1). Silhouette-legged dressers and low dressers were … Continue reading

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Picture This LXXIII

Forest chairs have been cropping up everywhere recently. The unusual Windsor chair in figure 1 retains the majority of its original green paint. Fig. 1. Green-painted comb-back forest chair, circa 1800. (Robert Young) The chair in figure 2 also retains … Continue reading

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A William III Ash Chest-on-Stand – Part Seven

The drawers were constructed in period-correct fashion with through dovetails front and back. The central veneers on the drawer fronts are the more figured stuff from the ends of the leaves of quarter cut veneer I used for the stripy … Continue reading

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Picture This LXXII

Following on from Picture This LXXI last month, another brace of low-back Windsors has cropped up; however this pair bears no traces of paint. George III yew and elm low-back Windsor chairs, circa 1780. (Robert Bradley) Made of yew, with … Continue reading

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