A Dog in a Manger – Gallery

You can also read about the making of this dog’s bed by clicking the link below.

A Dog in a Manger

2 Responses to A Dog in a Manger – Gallery

  1. Andrew Metaxas says:

    Hi there, I am Andrew and a friend Gavin Burbidge suggested I look at your postings!
    I am a professional viola player and lover of antiques and met Gav through my learning violin making in the last couple of years. The instruments I have made I play on professionally and I am pleased to say they have passed the rigorous scrutiny of my MSO colleagues and others.
    Gavin gets very excited when he talks about your achievements and I completely understand why! Your attention to detail is remarkable and the results speak for themselves.
    As a lover and collector of antique furniture and a woodworker myself I have questions which Gavin and I have pondered upon regarding producing a satisfactorally antiqued finish on a new piece! Perhaps there is a method or process that is not widely known in violin makng circles that you employ and might be applicable- who knows!
    With much admiration,


    • Jack Plane says:

      Ah yes, Burbidge: His name pops up here from time to time.

      Violin-makers are renowned for their exploits in rediscovering the finishes used by early makers. The lengths they go to are extraordinary. I would be surprised if the major varnish recipes haven’t been deciphered by now.



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