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Formerly from the UK, Jack is a retired antiques dealer and self-taught woodworker, now living in Australia.

Additional Examples of Maritime Case Furniture – Redux – the Second

I don’t know what the protocol for reducēs should be; is a redux of a redux still a redux or does it become a sequel? Anyway, following on from my recent post, Additional Examples of Maritime Case Furniture – Redux, another … Continue reading

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Sláinte Mhaith and… take THAT!

When moving into my new abode, I unpacked two old Irish trophies that hadn’t seen the light of day for many a year; a well worn shillelagh (figure 1), and a hand stone (figure 2). Fig. 1. The old wormridden … Continue reading

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Whilst enjoying a quiet cuppa betimes, I was reading The Irish Aesthete’s latest post, The Rest is Silence, when I performed a double take and scrolled back to one of the images and there saw a rather fine in situ Irish … Continue reading

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Picture This CXX

Reader Pete Smithies drew my attention to another exceptionally shallow chest of drawers (figure 1). However, this one has not spent its life on the high seas. Fig. 1. George III mahogany chest of drawers, circa 1800. (Antique Atlas/Jonathon Drake) … Continue reading

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Additional Examples of Maritime Case Furniture – Redux

Further to this comment I made in Additional Examples of Maritime Case Furniture, James Peill, the Curator of the Goodwood Collection at Goodwood House in West Sussex, very kindly sent me some images of the coffre fort in their collection (figure … Continue reading

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Picture This CXIX

I previously mentioned the propensity for Common Elm to warp in connection with Windsor seats in Picture This CX – Redux. It is no doubt due to the same tendency that elm wasn’t more broadly employed (in the solid) for the … Continue reading

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Inside ‘er Information

There has been a recent surge (if two emails in the same week qualifies as a surge) of enquiries regarding the appropriateness of ‘finishing’ (in the modern tongue, applying some sort of varnish or lacquer) the interiors of drawers and … Continue reading

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Picture This CXVIII

A London dealer recently attributed this bureau (unusually, veneered in burr elm) as George I, circa 1715 and also stated the brasses are original. George II elm bureau, circa 1750-5. The drawer cockbeading places the bureau after 1720 at the … Continue reading

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Exhibition | Pots with Attitude: Political and Satirical Prints on Ceramics

The British Museum, London, 12 January – 13 March 2018 Curated by Patricia Ferguson Ceramics are rarely confrontational, but the pugnacious mugs, jugs, and plates in Pots with Attitude: Satirical and Political Prints on Ceramics, in Room 90a, a display … Continue reading

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Sotheby’s to Offer a Group of Objects Celebrating Nelson’s Legend

Lot 116, The Victory Jack – an exceptionally large fragment (920mm x 860mm) of the union flag, believed to have flown from HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, circa 1805. (Sotheby’s) Of Royal and Noble Descent, London, 17th of … Continue reading

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